Recompressing gas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions


Fluxys wants to have its greenhouse gas emissions cut by 50% on 2017 levels by 2025. One of the means to achieve this goal is our teams in the field using mobile recompression units.


During certain types of work on the grid, Fluxys must isolate pipe sections and remove the residual gas in the pipe section to be able to work safely. To avoid releasing this gas into the atmosphere, our teams in the field are increasingly using mobile recompression units. These remove the residual gas from the pipe section undergoing maintenance and then recompress the gas to re-inject it elsewhere in the grid.

Recently Fluxys once again used mobile recompressors during maintenance work on the Loenhout-Lillo pipeline. As a result, the venting of nearly 100,000 cubic metres of natural gas into the atmosphere could be avoided, an emissions reduction of about 1,650 tonnes of CO2. The latter corresponds to the carbon output of a car driving 360 times around the world (115 g CO2/km).


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