Guarantees of origin for green gas

You are a producer of biomethane, green hydrogen or synthetic gas of renewable origin in Flanders and you supply your green gas to other consumers? Register with Fluxys Belgium now and receive your guarantee of origin (GO) for green gas via VREG. Because green gas is sustainable gas.

How to obtain guarantees of origin for green gas

Fluxys Belgium has been appointed production registrar for gas from renewable energy sources, while VREG serves as production coordinator for Flanders. Together, we ensure that you can always demonstrate the sustainability of your green gas.

To obtain your GO, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • Either your green gas is injected into a system with multiple users.
  • Or your green gas is not injected but is distributed via a system with multiple users.

Register now

Fill in the application form (in Dutch) and contact us at to:

  • register your new facilities.
  • register your production data from your existing facilities, provided that we have approved the inspection report.

We will confirm whether we have accepted your application within two months.

What does the production registrar do for you?

The production registrar:

  • Registers you, your auditors and others connected to your company;
  • Gives you access to your own data and documents;
  • Grants your auditor access to their documents;
  • Receives your audit reports:
        - Input flow inspection report;
        - The process description and description of the relevant production meters;
        - Proof of origin for renewable energy;
        - (Optional) Proof of CO2 equivalent emissions (proof of sustainability).
  • Collects and manages your monthly measurement values;
  • Uses the above information to calculate the monthly net production from renewable sources and passes the calculation result to the production coordinator, VREG.

What does the production coordinator do with your data?

Based on our consolidated data, VREG grants one gas GO per MWh of gas produced from renewable sources.

How can use your GO?

You can trade this green-gas GO within Flanders on the VREG platform, where you will receive an account for your production facility. In time, we expect you to be able to trade these GOs within Europe too, as is already the case for electricity GOs.

More information is provided in the amendment to the Energy Decree of the Flemish Government of 17 May 2019 published in the Belgisch Staatsblad (Belgian Official Gazette) on 7 August (in Dutch). This describes the procedures for the registration, granting and trading of guarantees of origin in line with the European Commission's Renewable Energy Directive II.

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