Terms & Conditions to connect your industry or power plant to the Belgian grid

Sign a Standard Connection Agreement and connect your site to our gas grid.

The Standard Connection Agreement

  • Formalises the contractual relationship between Fluxys Belgium and you, our end customer.
  • Sets out both parties' rights and obligations with regard to the natural gas connection.
  • Remains in force for as long as the connection exists physically, even if you no longer take off natural gas.
  • Is the same for all connected companies.
  • The CREG approved the latest version of the Agreement on 13 July 2023.

Standard Connection Agreement in Dutch

Standard Connection Agreement in French

11 annexes to the Standard Connection Agreement

The operational procedures

  • Comprise the rules and guidelines that must be followed at all times.
  • Are identical for all connected companies.

What do they cover?

Among other things, they set out the technical specifications and operational procedures for a natural gas receiving station and describe how the offtake quantities are determined.

An example of an Allocation Agreement

  • Lays down the rules for allocating the measured offtake quantities to your natural gas supplier(s).
  • Also forms part of the Standard Transmission Agreement between your natural gas supplier(s) and us.
  • You and your natural gas supplier(s) must approve the Allocation Agreement.

The location plan indicates the point where responsibility for the facilities passes to your company.

Read more about the location plan

The certificate of conformity confirms the conformity of the natural gas facilities downstream the connection with our infrastructure.

The commissioning report describes the measuring equipment in the connected company's natural gas receiving station.

The contact form for you to fill in and a form with our details.

Contact Details form (Dutch / French)

The natural gas specifications: the general specifications with which the supplied natural gas must comply.

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Your company's guarantee if it is a new connection.

The inventory of system operator facilities on your site.

Diagram showing potential scenarios for a natural gas receiving station.

The agreement to access to the Electronic Data Platform (EDP).

Read more about data services on the Electronic Data Platform

Annexes to the Standard Connection Agreement in Dutch

Annexes to the Standard Connection Agreement in French