Glabbeek - Halen

    Why this project?

    Fluxys Belgium plans to lay a pipeline between Glabbeek and Halen to ensure sufficient grid capacity for supplying the Limburg region. The Glabbeek-Halen pipeline will complement the current supply route from the east by opening up an additional supply route from the southern west/east transmission axis in the Belgian grid.

    Fluxys as a key pioneer in the energy transition in Belgium will build the pipeline to be ready for hydrogen. This means that we can switch it to carry hydrogen as soon as market uptake calls for it. Find out more about how we are preparing the hydrogen and CO2 infrastructure for Belgium.

    The pipeline will only be laid once all the relevant permits have been obtained. Considering the lead times of the various permit procedures, construction of the pipeline could begin in spring 2025.


    Landowners and operators have their own point of contact at Fluxys, from the preliminary study of a project to the restoration of a site following the construction of a pipeline. This allows them to consult with someone who is familiar with their concerns and the features of their land from the outset.

    When? With whom? On what?
    Late 2021 to spring 2023
    Landowners and operators Identification of and initial contact with the parties concerned
    Autumn 2023 Landowners and operators Information sessions presenting the project
    After the start of the Declaration of Public Utility procedure Landowners Conclusion of easement agreements with the owners of land crossed by the pipeline
    Late 2024 Operators Production of a joint site description
    Once the trench has been dug Operators Production of a description of any drainage present
    After the restoration of drainage Operators Confirmation that drainage has been restored
    After the restoration of the site(s) Operators Acceptance of the site(s) + joint evaluation of damage and payment of compensation

    Permit procedures

    Permit procedure Status
    GRUP Plenary meeting held on 3 September 2021.
    The GRUP was provisionally adopted by the Flemish Government on 23/06/2023.
    A public survey will be organised by the Flemish government from 20/08 to 19/10.
    Declaration of Public Utility Application planned for autumn 2023
    Environmental permit for the route in the Flemish Region Application planned for spring 2024
    Transmission permit Application planned for spring 2024