Fluxys Belgium driving force behind a carbon-neutral Belgium

Pressing ahead

Everyone needs energy: people, industry and communities. Fluxys Belgium meets that need. We've been moving energy for decades with our connected gas infrastructure. Today, we're preparing to repurpose our infrastructure for future generations and to transport carbon-neutral energy carriers and CO2.

Today is a turning point

The energy transition is moving full steam ahead.

  • European Green Deal
  • Recovery plan for the EU and Belgium

A carbon-neutral Europe by 2050 will mean a hybrid energy system for Belgium too

  • Investing in energy efficiency
  • Scaling up green electricity generation
  • Quickly developing and consolidating the hydrogen economy
  • Exploiting the potential of biomethane, synthetic methane, biofuels and other green gases such as methanol and synthetic ammonia
  • Investing in CO2 capture, reuse and storage

Demand from industry

  • Belgian industry is demanding green gas and CO2 transmission so it can decarbonise.

Consolidating Belgium's long-term role as a gas crossroads

  • Belgium is an international crossroads for natural gas. With the carbon-neutral gases of tomorrow Belgium can continue playing this strategic energy role long into the future.

Innovating and investing

A hydrogen and carbon backbone for Belgium: optimally reusing our infrastructure to reduce CO2 emissions

  • Biomethane, synthetic methane, hydrogen and other green gases –carbon-neutral energy carriers – will gradually replace natural gas in our infrastructure
  • We will transport for reuse or storage the CO2 captured in hard-to-decarbonise industrial processes

Shaping the hydrogen and carbon infrastructure for Belgium

Energy carriers of tomorrow