Operational Information

Flows and bookings

A comprehensive archive of operational data and statistics is available on our Electronic Data Platform.




Data available to download

Easy access to historical operational data

Our historical data downloads are available in Microsoft Excel (CSV file) format or text format for all data prior to October 2019.
For October 2019 onwards, we provide operational data - updated on an hourly basis - showing nominations and physical flow on our Electronic Data Platform. Data can also be downloaded in a number of formats.

See our user manual for further information.

The following data is also available for download on our Electronic Data Platform.

Annual flow data

The annual flow download provides data by gas year and details the net physical flows into, or out of, the pipeline at the Bacton terminal.


Monthly summary data

The monthly summary download provides information from 1 March 2011. The download details data including daily nominations and flow totals.

Capacity data

This download provides a summary of capacity data as required by paragraph 3.3 (1) of Annex 1 of Regulation (EC) No 715/2009:

  • technical, booked and available quantities of firm capacity
  • capacity made available to auction for each applied congestion management procedure i.e. oversubscription, the surrendering of capacity by shippers and capacity made available in accordance with the long term use it or lose it provisions
  • information in relation to auctions where there were unsuccessful bids for firm capacity, where auctions cleared at prices higher than the reserve price and where no firm capacity product was made available. (These data items are only reported for auction runtimes of one month or longer)