Fluxys LNG terminal offers full decarbonisation options through innovative BioLNG services

Press Releases – General info

With a view to offering full decarbonisation options for heavy duty trucks and ships, Fluxys LNG is organizing a Subscription Window for BioLNG liquefaction services at the Zeebrugge LNG Terminal. This innovative service is in line with Fluxys' desire to contribute to a carbon neutral future.

Subscription window as of today

The subscription window, which will be opened as from 9 December 2021 until 23 December 2021 for the booking of BioLNG liquefaction services, is a highly attractive opportunity for terminal users to supply carbon neutral BioLNG as a biofuel for the heavy-duty transport and maritime sector. Customers will be able to book capacity for 3 years.

ISCC certified

The LNG terminal at Zeebrugge is certified as a 'conversion' unit transforming biomethane to BioLNG according to the ISCC framework (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification). This allows the terminal to be part of a BioLNG supply chain.

Fluxys teams have developed an innovative way allowing terminal users to convert biomethane into BioLNG and to load up to hundred trucks and two bunker ships with BioLNG in 2021. To that end, certified biomethane entering the transport system is converted into certified BioLNG and stored in cryogenic tanks, making use of small (re)liquefaction units. The validity of the guaranties of origin is safeguarded along the transformation.

Regulatory process

Following the market consultation on such BioLNG liquefaction service organized in July 2021, CREG has approved the new regulatory documents on 21 October 2021 and tariffs on 2 December 2021.