Fluxys TENP operative System Downtime on 18 December 2019

Fluxys TENP herewith would like to inform about a system downtime on Wednesday the 18 December 2019, from 05:00 – 08:00 (CET).

During this timeframe Fluxys TENP`s operative system will be completely unavailable. The downtimes will cause the following impact:

  • No booking of capacities with Fluxys TENP
  • No nominations and renominations at Fluxys TENP
  • No receipt and sending of confirmations by Fluxys TENP
  • Unavailability of Electronic Data Portal of Fluxys TENP

May we kindly ask you to adapt your planning accordingly? Thank you.

For any questions please contact dispatching.fluxystenp@fluxys.com.

Fluxys TENP apologises for any inconveniences caused.

Download the PDF document


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