Fluxys LNG: Additional LNG slots in 2024

In our continuous effort to enable increased LNG supply into Europe, Fluxys LNG is happy to announce it will be offering 11 additional primary Slots to unload, store and regasify 11 LNG cargoes in the Zeebrugge LNG Terminal in 2024.

Take the opportunity to supply Europe with your LNG!


When are these 11 additional LNG Slots available?

 Slot 1:   02/01/2024 
 Slot 2:   04/01/2024
 Slot 3:   28/02/2024
 Slot 4:   25/03/2024
 Slot 5:   30/03/2024
 Slot 6:   28/04/2024
 Slot 7:   26/05/2024
 Slot 8:   01/08/2024
 Slot 9:   05/10/2024
 Slot 10:   01/12/2024
 Slot 11:   24/12/2024

The first Slots will be auctioned later this month
, more information will be published on our website soon.

Remaining slots will be auctioned later in 2024 on a Month +3 basis (indicative timing).

 Zeebrugge LNG Terminal

More information

Feel free to contact your Key Account Manager or send your questions to info.lng@fluxys.com.