Data services - Shippers



Optimise your portfolio.

View all your reserved capacity data and balancing position for free on our Electronic Data Platform and Balansys' Electronic Data Platform


Data provided (free service)

  • Aggregated capacity bookings
  • Nominations
  • Allocations
  • Your balancing position and the market balancing position
  • Scheduled maintenance work on our transmission grid
  • Invoices

Additional data provided for shippers supplying gas to end users connected directly to the Fluxys Belgium grid.

  • Final Customer Hourly metering
  • Distribution key (Allocation Agreement) used to allocate metered offtake to you


Real-time data (premium service)

We also offer real-time data services (updated every 6 minutes) for certain interconnection points, allowing you to view your real-time gas flow data. This is a premium service. See our tariffs for pricing information.


How to access our Electronic Data Platform

  • Fill in our form and designate your single point(s) of contact (SPOC). This person will manage your company's EDP access rights.
  • You will receive a user name by e-mail and a password by text message.
  • Log in to our Electronic Data Platform or to Balansys' Electronic Data Platform.
  • Create the roles you need to access all your data.
    Roles: Reader, Composer, Validator, Allocation Agreement Validator, Automatic Download Agent.

You're now ready to monitor your metering data.

Consult the manual for more information on how to access our Electronic Data Platform.


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