2017 - Implicit Allocation, Charging Methodology and Tariffs Network Code derogation consultations


In August 2017 IUK consulted on proposed changes to its Charging Methodology, Access terms and its Tariff Network Code derogation application (TARDA). In October 2017 a second consultation was held on the Charging Methodology and Access proposals. In December 2017 IUK submitted its final proposals to Ofgem and CREG, including its final TARDA derogation application.

We have now received the relevant approvals from Ofgem and CREG.

The latest IUK Charging Methodology and Access rules are available on our Access Terms page.


October 2017 Consultation

In October 2017, IUK consulted on the IUK Charging Methodology and legal drafting of the Implicit Allocation Rules. We have now submitted the IUK Charging Methodology and TARDA (Tariff Network Code Derogation Application) proposals to Ofgem and CREG, along with the IUK Access Terms incorporating Implicit Allocation and expect a decision by early March 2018. IUK would like to thank Shippers for the feedback received on this consultation. Please see the non-confidential responses below:


Consultation documents:


August 2017 Consultation

In August 2017, IUK consulted on an Implicit Allocation Mechanism, changes to the IUK Access Terms and Charging Methodology, and Tariff Network Code derogation application.
Thank you for all the feedback received on this consultation. Please find here the non-confidential response received:


The consultation documents are available here:

1. Implicit Allocation Mechanism (IAM) consultation document

2. IUK Access Terms consultation letter

  • IUK Access Agreement (IAA) – marked and clean versions
  • IUK Access Code (IAC) – marked and clean versions
  • System User Agreement (SUA) – marked and clean versions

3. IUK Charging Methodology consultation letter 

  • IUK Charging Methodology – marked and clean versions

4. Tariff Network Code (TAR NC) Derogation consultation letter

5. Clarification note to accompany the consultation

Current status of the consultations

Step 1 finished step 4 finished step 5 finished
Invitation to participate Review after comments Regulators approval Updated documents