INT Publishes Latest Charging Statement

Interconnector has today published the latest version of its Charging Statement which includes the Annual Tariff Publication for Gas Year 2022-23.

In light of the structural shift in market conditions, INT has published a series of Long Term Capacity Structures which will support security of supply in the GB and Continental Markets. These are effective from 08:00 UKT 1 June 2022.

  • For GY 21-22, INT’s remaining available capacity will be offered via PRISMA only.
  • For GY 22-23, INT’s remaining available capacity will be offered in the first instance through the Annual (July 2022) and Quarterly (August 2022) CAM NC Auctions on PRISMA. The offer of capacity via INT’s Implicit Allocation Mechanism (“IAM”) for GY 22-23 will remain suspended until the close of the Quarterly Auction; after this date, INT will market the remaining available capacity via IAM, up to 50% of the Firm capacity.
  • For GY 23-24 and beyond, INT will make up to 50% of its capacity available via IAM, available as from 08:00 UKT 1 June 2022.

The accompanying Tariff Flyers for Issue 49 of the INT Charging Statement are available here.