Fluxys LNG: Extension of Scheduling Congestion Period at the Truck Loading bays at Zeebrugge due to great success

The market interest for truck loading is high. To maximize the effective usage of the booked truck loading slots for the next months we decided to extend current Scheduling Congestion Period as from Monday 20th of November.

During this period your possibilities to reschedule a slot will be limited in the 21 days before the start of the slot.

Extending the rescheduling limitation from 5 to 21 days as from 20th of November incentivizes the early release of unneeded slots and gives other truck loading companies more options to organize themselves and schedule those released slots.

The cancellation and release of slots before the freeze period of 21 days is free of charge.

During the freeze period:
• Rescheduling slots within the day it was originally scheduled is free of charge until 11 am of the gasday preceding the start of your slot;
• Cancelling and releasing slots is also possible until 11 am of the gasday preceding the start of the slot, but 100% of the slot fee will be charged except when another party still manage to schedule the released slot. In this case 50% of the slot fee is reimbursed.