COVID-19 – Update

We carefully comply with the recommendations of the Swiss authorities

COVID-19 – Business continuity Q&A – FluxSwiss 

We have put some of the most frequently asked questions about coronavirus from our network users into a handy Q&A overview. If you have any more questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us. You can always find the information about our COVID-business continuity plan on the website.

Are the commercial dispatching activities impacted ?
The commercial dispatching activities (nominations via Edig@s or via GFMLite extranet, matching, confirmations) are operated as usual. On the last resort, if both systems would fail, you may use this form and send it to Our 24/7 GMSL dispatching team in Cambridge (UK) put in place a pandemic response to ensure business continuity.

Are the activities at Transitgas physical dispatching impacted ?
The Ruswil physical dispatching centre operated by Transitgas is operated as usual. Specific emergency measures have been promptly put in place by Transitgas to ensure business continuity and the safety of the staff.

Who are my contact references ?
In addition to our 24/7 GMSL dispatching team, your usual FluxSwiss Operations and Commercial representatives are available to support in case of specific questions.



COVID-19 – All FluxSwiss essential operations remain active

Despite the major impact of the coronavirus outbreak, the essential services of FluxSwiss will remain operational. As one of the key players in the European gas infrastructure, we are responsible for the energy supply of our customers. Public services, households, hospitals and many industries are in need of our energy supplies, now more than ever.

In this highly sensitive period, we have taken the necessary steps to safeguard the continuity of business operations while keeping everyone safe. For all our gas flows from North to South and South to North, we and our partners are carefully complying with the recommendations of Swiss authorities in the field of health and safety.

We are proud to be able to ensure a continued stable gas supply for both society and our customers/partners, thanks to the commitment of our dedicated teams and partners.

We hope for your patience, understanding and cooperation in this extraordinary situation.

We will be updating you on new developments on the website.


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