Fluxys TENP Transmission

* All assignment restrictions for dynamic allocable capacities are available in Annex 4 of the General Terms and Conditions.






- Bunde
- Nüttermoor
- Jemgun I
- Jemgun III
- Storage Rehden
- Rehden / EGM
- Baunatal
- All exit points on Wedal pipeline which 
are marketed on PRISMA

Ludmin II:

- Bunde
- Drohne Nowal
- Zone Oude Statenzijl
- Deutschneudorf
- Olbernhau II

Interested in our interruptible capacities?

You can find an overview of all available capacities, including interruptible capacities, on our Electronic Data Platform.

Products overview

THE (DE)TransmissionScheduling Services

FZK entry

Your access from Northwest Europe to the VTP of the German market area THE (VTP THE).
THE (DE)TransmissionScheduling Services

FZK exit

Bring your gas from the VTP of the German market area THE to the most important gas hubs and gas trading points in Europe.
THE (DE)TransmissionScheduling Services


Flexible product for physical gas transport or trade at the VTP THE.
THE (DE)TransmissionScheduling Services

bFZK entry

Transport your gas from the Dutch trading platform TTF and access the VTP THE to supply the German domestic gas market.
THE (DE)TransmissionScheduling Services

Overnomination - Fluxys TENP

Simply nominate and get your interruptible Within-Day capacity at all cross-border interconnection points of Fluxys TENP.

Calculation of the technical capacities of Fluxys TENP GmbH

According to Art. 20 (1b) EnWG, German Transmission System Operators are obliged to determine the Entry and Exit capacities. Below you will find a description of the methodology used by Fluxys TENP GmbH to calculate the technical transport capacities.


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