Secondary trading


Actualités & Presse

  • Call for Tender of Fluxys TENP GmbH for Supply of Fuel Gas

    Bids can be submitted for natural gas (H-gas) as well as for biogas.
    The delivery period runs from 1 January 2024, 06:00 hours to 1 July 2024, 06:00 hours.
    Fluxys TENP GmbH is tendering an estimated total quantity of H-gas of 207,000 MWh and biogas of 17,468 MWh.

    Interested bidders can submit their bids by 27 November 2023 at 14:00 hours at the latest.

Description du produit

  • Exclusively available on PRISMA secondary.
  • Trade your capacity directly with other shippers.

Three trading options possible: 

  • OTC: trade with a known partner.
  • FCFS: trade with the first partner who accepts your trade.
  • CFO: choose between several partner the one who meets your requirements


  • Easily sell and buy unused capacity
  • Agree upfront with your trading partner, or
  • Choose between several trading partners

Available combinations: depending on the traded product.


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