Incremental Capacity Process 2019

    The following diagram illustrates the key dates of the incremental process in 2019


    1 July 2019


    26 August 2019


    21 October 2019

    Capacity Auctions

    (first Monday of July)          


    Deadline submission of non-binding
    demand indications

    Start of work on DAR 2021

    (8 weeks after Yearly Capacity Auction start)



    Publication of DAR

    - On Fluxys website
    - On ENTSOG website

    (16 weeks after Yearly Capacity Auction start)





    Step 1 – Non-binding demand indications

    Parties interested in incremental capacity can submit non-binding demand indications at any time. However in the 2019 market demand assessment, Fluxys considered non-binding demand indications submitted no later than 26 August 2019 (cob). Non-binding demand indications received after this deadline will be considered in the next market demand assessment – in 2021.

    Non-binding demand indications can be submitted using the non-binding demand indications templates:

    Fluxys Belgium

    Download this form and send it to

    Fluxys TENP & Deutschland

    Download this form and send it to the TSO association FNB Gas.

    Interconnector UK

    Download this form and send it to

    Step 2 – Demand Assessment Reports (DAR)

    IPs/Market Areas TSOs Document
    Fluxys Belgium ZTP-TTF Fluxys Belgium / GTS


    Fluxys Belgium ZTPL-TTF Fluxys Belgium / GTS DAR ZPTL-TTF
    Fluxys Belgium ZTP-PEG Fluxys Belgium / GRTgaz DAR ZTP-PEG
    Fluxys Belgium ZTPL-PEG Fluxys Belgium / GRTgaz DAR ZTPL-PEG 
    Fluxys Belgium ZTP-THE
    Fluxys Belgium / Fluxys TENP, Gascade, OGE, Thyssengas
    Fluxys Belgium ZTP-IZT Fluxys Belgium / Interconnector

    Fluxys Deutschland

    THE-RU Fluxys Deutschland, GASCADE, Gasunie Deutschland, NEL Gastransport, ONTRAS Gastransport, OPAL Gastransport DAR THE-RU
    Fluxys Deutschland
    THE-N4G Fluxys Deutschland, GASCADE, ONTRAS Gastransport, Gasunie Deutschland, GRTGaz Deutschland, OGE / NET4gas


    Fluxys TENP THE-ZTP Fluxys TENP, GASCADE, OGE, Thyssengas / Fluxys Belgium
    Fluxys TENP THE-Switzerland Fluxys TENP, Terranets BW, Bayernets, OGE
    DAR THE-Switzerland
    Fluxys TENP THE-TTF Fluxys TENP, GASCADE, Gasunie Deutschland, Thyssengas, Gastransport Nord, OGE / GTS
    Interconnector IZT-ZTP Interconnector / Fluxys Belgium DAR INT-ZTP
    Interconnector IBT-NGG Interconnector / National Grid Gas DAR INT-NGG

    You can also consult the Demand Assessment Reports on the ENTSOG website