Become an IUK Shipper 

Get started in 5 steps

There are two different ways to purchase IUK capacity :

  • via CAM NC auctions on PRISMA
  • via the Implicit Allocation Mechanism 


1. Register on PRISMA/with Partners

Be registered on PRISMA to buy capacity via the auctions, or be registered with our IAM Partners to buy via Implicit Allocation.

Details of IUK’s IAM Partners are available here.


2. Provide company and financial info

  • Request a copy of the IUK Access Terms here
  • Fill in our Know Your Customer form and its appendix
  • Send your completed forms and the mandatory supporting documents to  

    3. Meet credit requirements

    If your company holds a long term debt rating which is at least BBB+ (S&P), Baa1 (Moody's) or BBB+ (Fitch) then you will not be required to provide credit support. For more info, please see Clause 2.9 of the IUK Access Agreement (IAA).

    Credit can be provided as cash cover, a Guarantee (IUK template here) or a Letter of Credit (IUK template here).


    4. Accept contract terms

    Have signed up to the IUK Access Agreement and IUK Access Code.


    5. Approved as a shipper

    • You will be approved as a Shipper when you receive a fully signed contract back from us. We will then issue you a unique IUK Shipper code.
    • If you have registered with PRISMA, IUK will now accept this and an email is automatically generated - the account will be effective from 06:00 hours CET the following day.
    • You will be issued a SPOC user form (single point of contact) and the user will be set up on EDP (Electronic Data Platform). An email informing the user of their username followed by a SMS with password will be issued.
    • You can then advise us if you will use Edig@s (AS2/AS4)- if so a connection point will be configured, finalising the setup.

    The IUK sign up process is expected to take approximately 5 business days following the receipt of a satisfactory KYC.
    For any questions please email or call +44 203 621 7800 and Sarah or Charlotte will be happy to help.

    And finally: Welcome as a new shipper with Interconnector UK!


    You can become an IUK Shipper

    Like many of the major energy market players in Europe.

    Your point of contact


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