Terms and conditions Fluxys Belgium - storage

Key Documents

We regularly organise market consultations to further optimise our services... because your opinion matters!

If the documents change after a market consultation, we will resubmit them to the Belgian Commission for Electricity and Gas Regulation (CREG) for approval.

The following documents were approved by the CREG on 16 July 2021.


Your flexible Storage options

ZTP (BE - LUX)Storage

Standard Bundled Units for Storage

Store, inject and withdraw gas at our storage facility in Loenhout on an annual or longer-term basis.
ZTP (BE - LUX)Storage

Primary Market - Storage

Discover all our annual, short term and long term storage services.
ZTP (BE - LUX)Storage

Additional Storage Services

Book additional storage services on an annual or short term basis. 
ZTP (BE - LUX)Storage

Day Ahead Market/Non-Nominated Service (DAM/NNS) for Storage

Use more than your daily subscribed level of injection or withdrawal capacity.