Price simulator


    Please note that the information in the Price Simulator and its results are indicative and not legally binding.

    The Price Simulator is presented for support and information purposes only. The prices resulting from the use of the Price Simulator are not to be considered as contractual offers or a basis for contesting invoices of Fluxys Belgium or Fluxys TENP. Under no circumstances may Fluxys Belgium or Fluxys TENP be held liable for the information provided by this Price Simulator or for the use of such information .
    The calculated prices are presented before tax and with rounding applied.

    Transmission Tariffs for 2020 are already known for Fluxys Belgium, but not yet integrated in the Price Simulator in addition tariffs for future years are not yet known (modifications due to yearly indexation or due to potential tariff modification after the current tariff period are possible in the future). Calculations in this sheet assume that currently applicable tariffs remain identical in the future.

    Not all combinations of capacity type, period and point might be bookable.
    For a Period which is longer than a multiple of 12 consecutive calendar months, the Period is split up by the Transmission System Operator into a Period with Yearly Rate Type with a duration of a multiple of 12 consecutive calendar months and into a Period with a Seasonal Rate Type with a duration of the remaining months and/or days.



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