INT Publishes Latest Charging Statement


INT has today published the latest version of its Charging Statement, applicable from 01 April 2024. 

From 02 April 2024, the NBP Price used within Interconnector’s commodity charge formulae with be provided by the European Energy Exchange AG (“EEX AG”) rather than ICIS Heren. There are no changes to the fixed components of the commodity charge formulae. For simplicity and transparency, the EEX NBP Price will be used from 02 April onwards as 01 April falls within the last Weekend product of March due to the Bank Holiday.  

INT will be using the EEX Natural Gas Spot Market End of Day Index; this is assessed between 17:15 – 17:30 CET on the last trading day of the Day-Ahead contract and is published each working day on the EEX website here:

Interconnector has also published the ST IAM tariffs for Q2-24. 

There are no changes to any previously published Capacity Tariffs.