INT Annual Interruptible Capacity offered via IAM from 13 November 2023

From 13 November 2023, INT will be offering Annual Interruptible Capacity (27% of Technical Capacity) via IAM for use within the Ten Year Bi-directional Annual Capacity Structure, as well as Annual Capacity Structures of 10 or more successive Gas Years (Single Direction).

The offer of Interruptible Capacity is targeted at GY 24 and GY 25 where INT has limited Firm capacity available through IAM. 

Shippers may use Annual Interruptible Capacity alongside Annual Firm Capacity to form a Ten Year+ Annual Capacity Structure (Single Direction) or a Ten Year Bi-directional Annual Capacity Structure for use from GY 24 onwards.

The incentive will be applied against the lowest matching volume across all years in each direction and Shippers who contract Interruptible Capacity will receive a 10% discount from the Firm tariff against that tranche of capacity only.

Details can be found in Issue 57 of the INT Charging Statement.