INT introduces Overnomination from April 2023


Interconnector has today published the latest version of its Charging Statement introducing Overnomination which will be available for use on Gas Day 1 April 2023 onwards.

In line with the objectives of Article 14 of the Council Regulation 2022/2576, Overnomination is being introduced to allow INT Shippers to acquire unused capacity as Interruptible capacity on a within day basis. Press Release available here.

The Overnomination Rules which are applicable to this new mechanism as per Paragraph 1.4c, Section B of the IAC are published here.

Capacity acquired via Overnomination will be charged at the Overnomination Price, which is set at a 10% discount to the prevailing within day firm capacity tariff. 

Issue 54 of the Charging Statement will be effective from 20 March 2023.