Annual Auction Volumes Uploaded


Interconnector has today uploaded the Firm capacity figures for the upcoming Annual Auction taking place on the 4th July and would like to share the following updates:

The Russian war in Ukraine, and the change in European gas flows from East-to-West to West-to-East have led to very strong & sustained UK-Belgium flows across the Interconnector. These flow patterns started in Sept 2021 and may continue for several more months, even years.  Being able to perform operational and preventive maintenance tasks is essential to ensure continued operations of the infrastructure, for HSE and for availability and reliability reasons.

Safety remains our priority, as well as system integrity, in line with our legal obligations.

To meet these obligations, our operational requirements and maintain a low tolerance to reliability risk as outlined above, INT have reviewed its capacity offering as follows:

  • 85% of the UK-BE capacity will be offered as Firm capacity and 15% of the UK-BE capacity will continue to be offered, as Interruptible capacity.
  • There is no change in the technical capacity of the INT pipeline, and we will continue to maximise the commercial offering to the market.
  • This adjustment will be effective for GY22 onwards, and will be kept under review. We will consider evolutions in the market environment, booking and flow patterns and further O&M experience.
We trust that these adjustments will support the firm quality of the Firm products, and in general that this approach supports cross border trade and security of supply for the benefit of both UK and BE markets.