IUK Publishes Latest Charging Statement


IUK has today issued its latest Charging Statement, reducing capacity tariffs for the January and February 2021 periods as well as introducing a new bi-directional incentive.

Monthly and Daily tariffs for GB import capacity during January and February 2021 have been reduced to 2.0 p/th to be effective from 13:00 UKT on 21st December 2020. Within month products will also be lowered to 2.0 p/th for this period. The current published tariffs for GB Export capacity remain unchanged.

In addition, IUK is offering a bi-directional incentive for January and February 2021. This provides an incentive for Shippers to access capacity in both physical flow directions across the same period. This will be offered on Monthly products only. The booking incentive will be applied to the lowest matching volume across the two flow directions, with GB export capacity priced at 0.3 p/th, a >70% reduction from the published GB Export tariff of 1.1 p/th.

Where BE to UK capacity has already been contracted (i.e. Annual, Seasonal, Quarterly or Monthly products), Shippers must book Monthly UK to BE capacity to be eligible for this incentive. The bi-directional incentive cannot be used in conjunction with any other incentive.

IUK is making these changes in order to increase the flexibility and optionality available to our Shippers during Q1 21, given the volatility and market uncertainty that we see at present.

More information on tariffs can be found within the Charging Statement here.