IUK issues invitation to tender for Own Use Gas for Gas Year 2018-2019

IUK has issued an Invitation to Tender ("ITT") for the supply of natural gas for fuel gas and to replace gas lost through shrinkage (“Own Use Gas”).

The notice published on the EU Official Journal is available here.

The supply period is from 06.00 CET 1 October 2018 to 06.00 CET 1 October 2019. Gas can be supplied to the IUK entry points at Bacton or Zeebrugge.

Further details can be found in the ITT document available from the following contacts:

Andrew Blair
email: andrew.blair@interconnector.com
Tel: (+44)(0)20 3621 7809

Lee Millard
email: lee.millard@interconnector.com
Tel: (+44)(0)20 3621 7831