Fluxys supports various initiatives to help alleviate coronavirus-related needs

Fluxys has made €1 million available to support a variety of initiatives aimed at alleviating societal needs in these difficult times. Many of our employees have also been personally involved in providing assistance during the lockdown.

Given the unprecedented impact of the coronavirus on all aspects of society, Fluxys has broadened its social contribution by freeing up €1 million to support vulnerable groups, front-line professionals and scientific research into the coronavirus in Belgium.

Together with a range of organisations

Fluxys is working with a range of organisations to ensure that its support is professionally and efficiently organised. We are supporting the King Baudouin Foundation and Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders in their coronavirus projects in Belgium, the Michel Cremer Foundation/ULB FabLab in their efforts to provide protective equipment to the healthcare sector, and the Scientific Research Foundation (FWO – Flanders and Brussels) as well as the Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS – Wallonia and Brussels) for scientific research into the coronavirus.

Together with our employees

Many employees have also been personally involved in Fluxys own initiatives to provide social and health assistance during the lockdown period. At our Anderlecht site staff have been making components for the production of medical protective equipment at the ULB FabLab, while others have delivered approximately 4,000 professional face shields, finished at the FabLab, to around 100 healthcare workers and institutions. At Fluxys headquarters in Brussels' Avenue des Arts, employees have been getting over 120 company PCs ready to donate, with other colleagues delivering them to 12 schools and associations. Other staff have been supporting local initiatives, volunteering as chat buddies, doing shopping or helping out with administrative tasks.

Daniël Termont, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Pascal De Buck, Managing Director and CEO, said: "Together we are strong. The fight against the coronavirus can only be won if everyone lives up to their social responsibility. That's why, in these difficult times, Fluxys is offering financial support to a range of initiatives, each of which in their own way help save lives in Belgium."