Fluxys Belgium and Interconnector – Simplification of the Zeebrugge Area and Integration of the Belux Market Area and Interconnector on hold


The consultation on the project aiming at simplifying the Zeebrugge Area and at integrating the Belux Market Area and Interconnector closed on the 20th June.

During our consultation and the various conversations with the Fluxys Belgium and Interconnector shippers, we received mixed feedback on the proposals aimed at simplifying the Zeebrugge Area and the arrangements relating to the Interconnection Point with Interconnector.

In particular, we received a number of specific comments and questions on the transition measures for parties with existing contracts. Even though Fluxys Belgium had proposed a number of flexibility and reallocation opportunities, various parties indicated that these measures insufficiently addressed their concerns and the impact would be too significant, especially in the current market environment.

Based on this feedback, Fluxys Belgium and Interconnector have concluded that the current timing for revising its market model is not right, and have therefore decided to put this initiative on hold. This means that both the ZTP Physical and Notional trading services will remain, as will the Zeeplatform and the interconnection points at Zeebrugge and IZT.

For the avoidance of doubt, no reallocation window will take place as this was part of the transitional measures towards the new market model.

We wish to thank all parties that have participated in the consultation, and we will take your responses on board as we will further review the Fluxys Belgium market model and opportunities for simplifying the gas trading arrangements between Belgium and the UK.