Fluxys Belgium - Info Session: Reallocation Service in the framework of the Integration of the BeLux Market Area and Interconnector

Fluxys Belgium and Interconnector propose to simplify the Belgium H-market, as well as the trading arrangements between the NBP and ZTP. Feedback from the market indicates that such changes would be welcome to reduce complexity and improve liquidity.

Therefore, Fluxys Belgium has the pleasure to invite you to an additional online info session on Monday 13 June from 2PM to 3PM CET.

During this session, our teams will explain the concept of the reallocation service. Q&A time will also be foreseen.

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  • On 31 March, Fluxys Belgium and Interconnector gave a first info session about the concept of the proposed integration of the BeLux Market Area and Interconnector. You can find below the material related to this session:
  • Our Consultation Brochure is also available. This brochure outlines how the Interconnector and the BeLux Market Areas will be combined to create a new Market Area and the benefits that the resulting simplifications will have for the setup in the Zeebrugge area as well as the trading arrangements between the UK and the BeLux Market Area.