Balansys now market-based balancing operator for the integrated BeLux area

Since 1 June 2020 Balansys has taken up the role of balancing operator for the Belux area.

TSOs Creos Luxemburg and Fluxys Belgium, together with their respective regulators ILR and CREG, launched the BeLux area in 2015, establishing the first ever gas market integration between two EU Member States.

From the onset of the BeLux area Fluxys Belgium has been acting as a market-based balancing operator pending a number of regulatory and legal steps to be completed before Balansys, a joint undertaking founded by Creos Luxembourg and Fluxys Belgium, could take up this role.

With the approval of the compliance programme by ACER and of all regulatory documents (Balancing Agreement, Balancing Code and Balancing Programme) related to Balansys by ILR and CREG, Balansys now acts as a fully-fledged market-based balancing operator for the BeLux area.


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