Connect to the Belgian grid

Our network in Belgium is high-pressure infrastructure to provide high flow rates to three types of customers: industrial sites, gas-fired power stations and Distribution System Operators distributing gas through their local networks to households and SMEs. 

Industrial companies & operators of gas-fired power stations

Like 230 other companies in Belgium have done, request a direct connection to our gas network now.

  • Fill in our application form.
  • Send your completed form to
  • We will then get in touch with you to make an appointment.
  • At our first meeting, we will discuss your energy requirements and run through the full connection process in detail.

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Households and SME's

You want a gas connection for your home or for your company? Contact your Distribution System Operator.

How can you find your Distribution System Operator? 

For Public Distribution Operators

Together, we will meet growing capacity needs and ensure security of supply on the distribution system.

Contact us to adapt an existing natural gas receiving station or to build a new natural gas receiving station.

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Looking to connect to our fibre optical cable network?

You can find all the details on our Fluxys Fibre Network page.