2016 - Proposed New Services

In October 2016, IUK launched a stakeholder consultation on the proposed introduction of new services for enhancing annual Interconnector capacity purchased in the 2017 CAM annual auctions.

The NRAs have advised that they will not approve the proposed changes to IUK’s access arrangements, determining that they are not compliant with the CAM Network Code:

This consultation is closed. We have reviewed your responses and summarised the feedback received in the below report:

Consultation Report: Non-Confidential

Taking account of this feedback, the IAC has been amended and submitted for the relevant approvals. It is available here:

Post-Consultation Version of the IAC (marked-up)


We received the following 4 non-confidential responses:


The consultation documents are available here:

Consultation Document

Annex 2: Contract

Annex 3: Charging Methodology Extract (marked version)

Current status of the consultation

Step 1 finished step 4 finished step 5 finished
Invitation to participate Review after comments Regulators approval Updated documents Proposal not implemented