Fluxys Belgium Market Consultation 20

2016 - Market Consultation 20 - Within-day on IP Zeebrugge

As from 6 June until 1st July 2016, Fluxys Belgium organized a market consultation on the regulatory documents for transmission services. The proposed changes concern (i) integrating Hub Services into the Standard Transmission Agreement and related Access Code for Transmission, (ii) introducing the possibility to subscribe within-day capacities on IP Zeebrugge Beach and (iii) extending the possibilities to use PRISMA for secondary market purposes.

The following document summarizes the changes : One page note

The following slides were presented during the info session : Presentation Info Session

Documents in consultation

Transmission Programme
Standard Transmission Agreement 
Access Code for Transmission - Main 
Attachment A 
Attachment B 
Attachment C1 
Attachment C3 
Attachment D 
Attachment E 
Attachment F 
Attachment G 
Attachment H


Current status of the consultation

Step 1 finished step 3 finished step 4 finished step 5 finished
Invitation to participate Review after comments Approval CREG Updated documents


Consultation Report

The consultation report provides an overview of the main reactions to the proposed changes : Consultation Report


CREG Decision

The decision (B)161020-CDC-1571 is published on CREG website.