Molecules are part of the energy future.

Pascal De Buck
Managing Director and CEO

In Belgium, we are ready to invest in the first pipelines for hydrogen and CO2. The move has started.

Daniel Termont
Chairman of the Board of Directors


  • Belgium: building the network of the future

    To achieve a climate-neutral Belgium, hydrogen and CO2 must be able to flow through the country. At the beginning of the year, we asked the market which volumes will be needed from which sources and going to which destinations. At the end of 2021 and in early 2022, we went back to the market with tangible proposals for hydrogen and CO2 infrastructure in various industrial clusters. We are ready to get started.

  • Brazil: partner in TBG

    In 2021, Fluxys became a minority partner in Transportadora Brasileira Gasoduto Bolívia-Brasil (TBG), one of the three largest transmission system operators in Brazil. We share our experience and expertise in industrial and regulatory matters with TBG and support the company’s development through this exchange of knowledge.

  • Walking together with heart

    Keep moving during COVID, for a good cause: that was the goal. In all, our employees walked 180,000 km in two and a half months in the spring. That’s equal to 4.5 laps around the earth! To mark this achievement, various Fluxys group companies donated a total of €22,000 to good causes.

  • LNG terminal project

    Fluxys became a partner in the project to construct an LNG terminal in Stade near Hamburg. The terminal would provide important support for Germany in its approach to a diversified energy mix. For Fluxys, the project is an opportunity to strengthen and diversify its presence in Germany with an eye on the future.

  • Climate-neutral Fluxys: on track

    We are committed to making our own activities climate-neutral by 2035. The first milestone is to halve the greenhouse gas emissions from our Belgian activities compared to 2017 levels by 2025. We are on track to achieve this goal. We are building three extra regasifiers with seawater to boost send-out capacity at the Zeebrugge LNG Terminal. Using the heat from seawater to regasify LNG will significantly reduce the terminal’s emissions.

  • More traffic and bio- LNG in Zeebrugge

    Our LNG terminal in Zeebrugge saw record levels of shipping traffic as well as loading operations involving LNG trailers. Four extra truck loading stations are under construction. This is our response to the increasing demand for LNG as a low-carbon fuel for ships and trucks. As a fully decarbonised alternative, bio-LNG has also been available since 2021.

  • Capacity available in all directions

    Shifts in import flows to Europe meant that there was high demand in both Germany and the Netherlands for flows from Belgium. Our network ensured smooth transit flows to our neighbours, confirming our role as energy hub for North-West Europe.

  • How will you change the world?

    Our hunt for talent continues, and we have a special project for the future: keeping up the good work and tapping into our innovative side to help build a climate-neutral society. That is our message in our multimedia campaign to attract new talent.




net zero greenhouse gas emissions
by 2035


€ 1,136 m

€ 247 m
net profit

€ 8,042 m
total balance sheet