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Transitgas Transmission System Operator

We are a transmission system operator in the Transitgas pipeline, marketing approx. 90% of capacity in the system for border-to-border gas flows. We combine our expertise with close customer interaction to provide high-level services for their supplies into Italy or Northwest Europe. As a Fluxys group company it is our mission to contribute to a sustainable energy future and our passionate teams secure reliable and affordable energy flows into the market.

Partner in the Transitgas pipeline

FluxSwiss is 46% partner in Transitgas AG, asset owner of the Transitgas pipeline and responsible for operating and maintaining the system. The other partners in Transitgas AG are Swissgas (51%) and Uniper Global Commodities (3%).

Our offices

Via delle Scuole, 8
6900 Paradiso

Shareholding & partners

Fluxys is 50.65% partner in FluxSwiss together with Credit Suisse (36.56%), Swiss Gas Invest (7.89%) and Swissgas (4.9%).

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse Energy Infrastructure Partners (CSEIP) is an investment manager with a long-term investment horizon and specialising in energy infrastructure in Switzerland.

Swiss Gas Invest

Swiss Gas Invest is a company dedicated to the acquisition, detention, administration and alienation of participations in any companies active in the field of natural gas. The shareholders of Swiss Gas Invest are Holdigaz (52.64%), Erdgas Ostschweiz (15.79%), Gaznat (15.79%), Swissgas (5.26%), Gas & Com (5.26%) and Groupe E (5.26%)


Swissgas is a joint procurement and transport platform for four regional shareholders: Erdgas Ostschweiz, Gasverbund Mittelland, Gaznat and Erdgas Zentralschweiz. The Association of the Swiss Natural Gas Industry (Verband der Schweizerischen Gasindustrie – VSG) is also a shareholder. The purpose of the company is to procure and supply in collaboration with the regional shareholders all forms of natural gas in Switzerland and to protect related interests both nationally and abroad. Swissgas also has its own network of natural gas pipelines with a total length of 260 km.


  • FluxSwiss SAGL is a Fluxys group company established under Swiss law
  • Registered office FluxSwiss SAGL: Via delle Scuole 8, 6900 Paradiso
  • Managing Officers: Pascal De Buck, Raphael De Winter, Gerhard Konig, Philippe Petitpierre, Ruedi Rohrbach, Walter Steinmann, Raf van Elst and Yves Vercammen
  • Commercial Register: Lugano Register of Companies CH-501.3.015.930-3
  • VAT identification number: CHE-142.720.075 IVA

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