Interconnector - Transmission tariffs

'Through the Pipe' Tariffs for Gas Years 2022 to 2037 in p/th

Combined Entry + Exit Tariff for each direction.

Excluded: Interconnector Commodity Charge and National Grid/Fluxys System Charges.

For PRISMA purchases, you will be charged the clearing price unit cost of your successful bid multiplied by the number of units purchased.

For implicit allocation purchases, you will be charged a fixed unit cost multiplied by the number of units purchased.

The capacity tariffs are set by Interconnector to ensure equitable and non-discriminatory treatment across all shippers, in accordance with its licence conditions.

Tariffs are formally reflected in the Interconnector Charging Statement.  

GY 22-23 to 36-37

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Charging Statement

Current Commodity Charges for Gas Year 2021 - 2022

The commodity unit costs to be applied from 1 October 2021 are calculated using the following formulae:

Commodity Unit Cost (Bacton) (GB to BE flow) in p/kWh = 0.0001452 * ICIS Day-Ahead NBP Price Assessment (p/th)

Commodity Unit Cost (Zeebrugge) (BE to GB flow) in p/kWh = 0.0102364 + [ 0.0002252 * ICIS Day-Ahead NBP Price Assessment (p/th) ]

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