Become a transmission shipper at Fluxys Belgium

Get started in 5 steps


1. Register on PRISMA/with Partners

a) Register as a shipper on PRISMA
This step is necessary as most of our products can be booked through this capacity platform. In this process on PRISMA, select Fluxys Belgium as the TSOs you want to be active with. To do this, you need an EIC code.

b) Register at Balansys
As Fluxys Belgium is a member of the Belux area, this registration is necessary: sign the Balancing Agreement, comply with Balansys creditworthiness criteria. 


2. Provide company and financial info


3. Meet credit requirements

Either you:

  • Have an acceptable credit rating (at least BBB+ or Baa1); or
  • Provide an unconditional and irrevocable parent company guarantee (PCG) by your parent company who must have an acceptable credit rating (template); or
  • Need to submit a collateral under the form of:
    • a bank guarantee (template)  or
    • a cash deposit

 The minimum amount to be provided for the collateral is specified in our contract (Art. 14.2.2)


4. Accept contract terms

Fluxys Belgium S.A.
Sales Support
Avenue des Arts, 31
1040 - Brussels


5. Approved as a shipper

And finally: Welcome as a new shipper with Fluxys Belgium!



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