BFZK entry

Conditionally Firm Freely Allocable Entry Capacity


Transport your gas from the TTF market area (the Netherlands) with access to the NCG virtual trading point.


  • Access to NCG VTP
  • Ideal product for supply of end consumers in Germany

Available at the interconnection point Bocholtz: connection with the TTF market area (The Netherlands)

Utilization of this capacity is subject to restrictions at specific temperature and flow conditions (Section 3 Capacity Products (2) b. Annex 2 GTCs).


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NCG (DE)Vervoer

FZK entry

Your access from Northwest Europe to the VTP of the NCG Market Area at an attractive tariff.
NCG (DE)Vervoer


Transport your gas flexibly and at a favourable tariff. Trade it at the VTP of the German NCG Market Area and between the most important gas hubs/gas trading points in Europe.

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