Virtual liquefaction in Zeebrugge

Product description


Interested to bring LNG in the Zeebrugge Terminal without needing a ship?

Use our virtual liquefaction service, which allows you to create LNG by counter nominating your gas on the regasified flows.

Furthermore by combining a green gas certificate with your gas, bio LNG can be created.

Cost of this operation

Tariff applicable during the month of July 2021, calculated with the index of June 2021.
Virtual liquefaction

Good to know

  • The virtual liquefaction service is conditional since the availability depends on the total net nominations for regasification exceeding the minimum send out requirements. The probability of interruption can be followed on the Electronic Data Platform.
  • Store your virtual injected LNG by subscribing either residual storage (firm) or daily storage rights (interruptible) or by paying the daily storage tariff when exceeding the subscribed storage rights (interruptible).
  • Interested to sell your LNG at Zeebrugge? Reduce your LNG in storage by getting in touch with truck loading companies or discover your other options.

Check availability and book

  1. Follow the 5 steps process to become a Fluxys LNG shipper and sign a free LNG Terminalling Agreement (LTA).

  2. Nominate the virtual counterflow - no specific booking required.

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