Unload your LNG in Zeebrugge

LNG from anywhere in the world can be transported and unloaded by LNG ship to Zeebrugge

Product description

Both small-scale (between 1,000 and 30,000 m³ of LNG) and large-scale (between 30,000 and 267,000 m³ of LNG) ship unloading operations can be executed in Zeebrugge, for which TML users can subscribe Stand-Alone Berthing Rights.

Cost of this operation

Tariff applicable during the month of April 2021, calculated with the index of March 2021.
Stand Alone Berthing Right
€/MWh loaded (min 28.564,14 €)

Good to know

  • Forced minimum send-out to the TSO (not a loss):

        ◦ At all times, consolidated send-out of all terminal users ≥ 0.92 GWh/h. 

        ◦ During unloading operation additional minimum send-out of 3.68 GWh/h. 

        ◦ During 36 hours as from the end of unloading operation additional
          minimum send-out of 0.68 GWh/h.

        ◦ No forced minimum send-out for unloading operations if 2 conditions
          are met: unloading of < 30.000 m³ and at an unloading rate
          of < 1500 m³/h. 

  • A variable cost of 1.3% Gas In Kind (GIK) applies on all send-out nominations. This LNG will be taken from your account, it is not a cash payment.

Check availability and book

  1. Check the availability to unload your LNG.

  2. Follow the 5 steps process to become a Fluxys LNG shipper and sign a free LNG Terminalling Agreement (LTA).

  3. Subscribe (First Committed First Served). Fill in this form and return it to info.LNG@fluxys.com.

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