Interconnector UK - Strong exports in December 2019


Strong IUK exports in December 2019

Sales of UK export capacity have strongly increased between 5 and 9 December 2019, thanks to these products: Within Day, Daily and Weekend.

Under the current market conditions, where the UK system is oversupplied, IUK supported the market by facilitating the physical flow of gas to the continent.

Shippers nominated an average of 118 GWh/day of UK export flows during these days (approx. 96% of IUK’s booked UK export capacity). The bi-directional capability of IUK allows us to physically change flow direction multiple times a day, should the market signals require IUK to do so.

Innovative Product

The Weekend product is an innovation that was introduced in November to allow Shippers more flexibility on their short term bookings. This Weekend product, offered via IUK’s Implicit Allocation Mechanism, complements the Daily and Within Day products purchased via PRISMA. IUK’s suite of short term products also includes Balance of Month, Half Month and Working Days Next Week products, which are available on a first come first serve basis, at fixed tariffs through IUK’s IAM Partners.


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