Natural gas transmission between Northern and Southern Europe

Supply to the German, Swiss and Italian markets

The TENP/Transitgas link plays a key role in the supply of Norwegian gas to the German, Swiss and Italian markets.

More cross-border flows and greater market liquidity

  • As Transmission System Operator of the TENP and Transitgas pipelines Fluxys will be able to create and facilitate cross-border gas flows between several markets including Zeebrugge, the German market and Southern & Eastern Europe.
  • Moreover, a project is underway to make the infrastructure work in both directions. This will enable south-north gas flows and help the TENP/Transitgas connection to become a central link in the enhanced interconnection of Europe's natural gas trading places.
  • Fluxys is also committed to reinforcing the Stolberg-Raeren/Eynatten link to provide more capacity between the TENP pipeline and the Belgian network.

Independent transmission system operator in Germany and Switzerland

Fluxys is both shareholder in the companies that own the pipelines (with a 49% stake in TENP KG and a 46% stake in Transitgas AG) and independent transmission system operator with rights to market 64,25% of capacity in the TENP pipeline and 90% of capacity in the Transitgas pipeline.


The TENP infrastructure comprises two parallel pipelines of approximately 500 kilometres, running from the Bocholtz interconnection point with the Netherlands along the western border of Germany to the Wallbach interconnection point with the Transitgas pipeline in Switzerland. The TENP system includes four compressor stations, located at Stolberg, Mittelbrunn, Schwarzach and Hügelheim. A branch from Stolberg to the Raeren/Eynatten interconnection point ties the TENP pipeline into the Belgian network operated by TSO Fluxys Belgium.

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The Transitgas infrastructure is not only tied in to the TENP pipeline: it is also connected to the French grid at the Oltingue interconnection point. The pipeline, which measures around 300 km, crosses central Switzerland and connects with the Italian grid at Griespass.

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In October 2017, Fluxys acquired a 16.5% stake in the EUGAL (European Gas Pipeline Link) project in Germany. The project involves building two parallel 485 kilometer pipelines to transmit Russian gas from the landing point of the future Nord Stream II pipeline in the north of Germany southward to the Czech border. Construction of the EUGAL gas pipeline began after the successful conclusion of all the planning approval processes in the third quarter of 2018. As planning stands, the first string is to be built to the end of 2019 and then be put into operation. Commissioning of the second string is planned for 2020.

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