LNG terminalling


Fluxys LNG owns and operates Zeebrugge LNG terminal, the gateway to LNG supply in North-Western Europe. Any LNG unloaded at the terminal can be redelivered for consumption on the Belgian market, traded on the Zeebrugge Hub or transmitted to other end-user markets across Europe, including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, France and Southern Europe.

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Interest in LNG is growing in the shipping sector and Fluxys investigates together with various port authorities what investments would be needed to develop LNG as a shipping fuel in Belgium's ports. Against that backdrop Fluxys has acquired a 25% stake in an LNG bunker vessel. The vessel is set to begin operating out of its home port of Zeebrugge in 2017.


Port of Antwerp - LNG bunkering at Quay 526

Fluxys holds the concession of Quay 526 in the port of Antwerp where you can perform truck-to-ship LNG bunkering. To schedule a bunkering operation, please complete this form.

Ecotanker bunkering Antwerp


Fluxys holds a 25% stake in the Dunkirk LNG terminal, alongside EDF (65%) and Total (10%). Fluxys is also a partner in Gaz-Opale, a joint venture with the owner of the Dunkirk LNG terminal to operate the facilities.

The new terminal was commissioned in January 2017 and represents an increase of 13 billion m³ a year to Europe's LNG import capacity. It will therefore make a significant contribution to source diversification, the consolidation of security of supply and the smooth running of the natural gas market in North-Western Europe.

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Interconnection to the Belgian and French networks: Dunkirk – Zeebrugge link

Alongside the LNG terminal in Dunkirk, Fluxys Belgium and French transmission system operator GRTgaz have laid a new pipeline between Dunkirk and Zeebrugge to link the Dunkirk LNG terminal – the new entry point for gas into Europe – to the French and Belgian networks.

This link between Dunkirk and the Zeebrugge area contributes to the diversification of supply sources in North-Western Europe. Via Zeebrugge, grid users have optimum flexibility in the destination of gas flows from France and the Dunkirk LNG terminal in particular. In total, it is possible to transmit up to an additional 8 billion m³ of natural gas to Belgium and elsewhere in Europe from the Dunkirk LNG terminal.

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