Become a shipper at Fluxys Deutschland

    Get started in 5 steps

    You can become a shipper at Fluxys Deutschland when you have completed these registration processes:


    1. Register on PRISMA/with Partners

    a) Register as a shipper at PRISMA
    This step is necessary as our products can only be booked through this capacity platform. In this process on PRISMA, select Fluxys Deutschland as the TSOs you want to be active with. 

    b) Register at Gaspool 
    As Fluxys Deutschland is a member of the Gaspool market area this registration is essential.



    2. Provide company, financial and operational information


    3. Meet credit requirements

    A further step in the registration process is to provide Fluxys Deutschland with the following information for the creditworthiness assessment (if available):

    • Rating by a recognised rating agency
    • Rating by Credit Reform


    4. Accept contract terms

    When registering on PRISMA for Fluxys Deutschland, you will be requested to accept the General Terms & conditions for Entry/Exit contracts of Fluxys Deutschland GmbH by ticking the box in PRISMA.


    5. Final approval as a shipper

    You will receive from PRISMA a confirmation about the activation of your PRISMA Account.
    You will receive your log-in data to the EDP (Electronic Data Platform) of Fluxys Deutschland.
    Our ICT Department will set up the technical communication with you.

    And finally: Welcome as a new shipper with Fluxys Deutschland!

    For any further questions please contact:

    Your point of contact