Dynamically Allocable Entry/Exit Capacity

  • 02/06/2021

    Market Information on THE-VIP Implementation

    The Transmission System Operators at the borders with the Netherlands (H-Gas & L-Gas), Belgium, Denmark and Czech Republic would like to inform you about the current status (02.06.2021) of the THE-VIP-implementation and about the introduction dates of the new THE-VIPs.

Description du produit

Book this Entry and Exit capacity to transport your gas between the following cross-border interconnection points:

  • IP Bocholtz
  • VIP Germany-CH
  • VIP Belgium-NCG (marketed by OGE).


  • Direct transport between your booked Entry and Exit cross-border interconnection points.
  • Ensured transport of your booked capacity, provided that gas quantities at the entry and exit point are balanced.


  • The booked DZK must be included in a separate DZK balancing group which must be requested from NCG.
  • Access to the NCG market area is interruptible.


Available combinations

Bidirectionally available at the following cross-border interconnection points:

IP Bocholtz: connection to the Dutch gas grid and the Dutch trading platform TTF.

VIP Germany-CH: connection to the Italian PSV and the Swiss gas grid.

VIP Belgium-NCG (marketed by OGE): connection to the Belgian gas grid, the Belgian ZTP and the British hub NBP.


Possible combinations are listed in Annex 4 GTC.


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