Gaspool (DE)

the entry/exit interconnection points in Germany

Benefit from the North European Gas Pipeline (NEL) and the European Gas Pipeline Link (EUGAL) under construction to accommodate downstream gas flows from the Nordstream pipelines bringing Russian gas through the Baltic Sea to Europe, providing the German and surrounding markets.


Transmission services in Gaspool marketzone

You can use our Fluxys Deutschland services to get your gas from the East of Europe to the most liquid markets in Western Europe.

Do not hesitate to contact our commercial team in order to select for you our most suitable service.


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Gaspool (DE)Transmission

DZK1 Entry

Your direct access to the Gaspool market area (Germany) through the interconnection point Greifswald at an attractive tariff
Gaspool (DE)Transmission

DZK2 Entry

Your attractive access to the NCG market area (Germany) through the Greifswald border point, in combination with the Achim II market area interconnection point.
Gaspool (DE)Transmission

DZK Exit

Your attractive access from the Gaspool market area to the NCG market area (Germany)