Become a shipper at Fluxys Deutschland

    You can become a shipper at Fluxys Deutschland when you have completed these registration processes:


    1. Register as a shipper at PRISMA

    This step is necessary as our products can only be booked through this capacity platform. Go to the PRISMA registration page. Do not forget to indicate you want to be active for Fluxys Deutschland.


    2. Register at Gaspool

    As Fluxys Deutschland is member of the Gaspool market this is necessary. Go to the Gaspool portal registration page


    3. Register at Fluxys Deutschland

    Please provide us with the following documents:

    A duly signed mandatory check (document received after registration at PRISMA)

    The mandatory check has to be signed by the registered user and an authorized body of your company. The names of the signing persons have to be written in capital letters below the signature and the document has to be stamped with the company stamp.

    Annual report of your company

    Of the last completed financial year

    Excerpt of the commercial register

    The excerpt shall not be older than two (2) weeks.

    Credit index by Credit Reform (if available)

    Mainly available for German and Austrian companies.

    Rating by a known rating agency (if available)

    Rating agencies: Standard & Poor's, Moody's, Fitch, Dun & Bradstreet, etc.

    Required information for operational setup with Fluxys Deutschland GmbH: 

    • Balancing groups at NCG: For Fluxys Deutschland GmbH to be used balancing groups at Gaspool.  
    • External shipper codes at the adjacent Transport System Operators (TSO): For Fluxys Deutschland GmbH to be used shipper codes at Nordstream.  
    • Single Point Of Contact (SPOC): The user will be granted with administrator access to the Electronic Data Portal (EDP) of Fluxys Deutschland GmbH. This user in your organisation will be able to create your nomination users for your company (with "viewer" and "composer" rights). The required information per user is name, email address and cell phone number.  
    • Contact person for setup of the Edig@s connection (if desired): please provide us the email address of the technical contact person in your organisation who is responsible for the setup of the automated Edig@s connection with the operative system of Fluxys Deutschland GmbH. 


    You can read more about the pre-notice periods for the different registration steps, data and test in our Operating manual, part of the Terms & Conditions.


    You can download or print this document here : How to become a shipper at Fluxys Deutschland?

    Your point of contact


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