Our transmission activities in Germany

Benefit from secure gas transmission services in Germany:

  • Supply natural gas to the German market
  • Onward delivery throughout Europe

Use our available capacities, firm and interruptible, in the TENP pipeline to secure gas transmission from North to South and from South to North connected with the Dutch, Belgian and Swiss grids in both directions. You are provided with an access to the Belgian Zeebrugge LNG Terminal and the French Dunkerque LNG Terminal via the link with the Belgian grid.

Benefit from the North European Gas Pipeline (NEL) and the European Gas Pipeline Link (EUGAL) under construction to accomodate downstream gas flows from the Nordstream pipelines bringing Russian gas through the Baltic Sea to Europe, providing the German and surrounding markets.

Transmission services in NCG marketzone

You can use our Fluxys TENP services to get your gas from the North of Europe to the South, or from the South of Europe to the North. 

Do not hesitate to contact our commercial team in order to select for you our most suitable service. 

More info on all Fluxys TENP services   REMIT messages for Fluxys TENP

NCG (DE)Transmission

FZK exit

Bring your gas from the VTP of the NCG market area to the most important gas hubs/gas trading points in Europe.
NCG (DE)Transmission


Transport your gas flexibly and at a favourable tariff. Trade it at the VTP of the German NCG Market Area and between the most important gas hubs/gas trading points in Europe.
NCG (DE)Transmission


Transport your gas between all bookable points of Fluxys TENP.

Transmission services in Gaspool marketzone

You can use our Fluxys Deutschland services to get your gas from the East of Europe to the most liquid markets in Western Europe.

Do not hesitate to contact our commercial team in order to select for you our most suitable service.

Gaspool (DE)Transmission

DZK1 Entry

Your direct access to the Gaspool market area (Germany) through the interconnection point Greifswald at an attractive tariff
Gaspool (DE)Transmission

DZK2 Entry

Your attractive access to the NCG market area (Germany) through the Greifswald border point, in combination with the Achim II market area interconnection point.
Gaspool (DE)Transmission

DZK Exit

Your attractive access from the Gaspool market area to the NCG market area (Germany)

Upcoming LNG activities in Germany

Fluxys and Novatek joint venture Rostock LNG GmbH have signed a Land Lease Agreement with the Port of Rostock with a view to building and operating a mid-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage terminal in the port. The envisaged facility is to unlock LNG as a low emission alternative for heavy fuel oil, diesel and LPG in North and Central Europe and the Baltic Sea area.

The joint venture (Novatek 49% - Fluxys 51%) intends to build and operate a terminal for receiving and unloading mid-scale LNG carriers, keeping LNG in storage and providing services to enable downstream distribution of LNG:

  • Truck loading (and possibly rail carriages) to supply LNG to industry or LNG-fueling stations for trucks,
  • Reloading to supply LNG amongst other as bunker fuel for ships operating in the Baltic Sea.

The mid-scale LNG storage terminal in the port of Rostock is to receive LNG carriers from the liquefaction facility which Novatek is currently building in the port of Vysotsk near Saint-Petersburg. Following the signature of the Land Lease agreement, Rostock LNG GmbH is to proceed with the engineering and permitting processes.

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