Fluxys LNG : Subscription window starting second half April 2019

Opportunity to subscribe unloading slots and additional storage services at the Zeebrugge LNG terminal 

Subscription window starting second half April 2019

Unloading slots and Additional LNG Storage rights opening up

We intend to launch in the second half of April a subscription window for unloading slots and additional storage services at the Zeebrugge LNG terminal. The subscription window is a highly attractive opportunity for you to secure LNG terminalling capacity with an experienced capacity provider at a key strategic location providing optimum destination flexibility.

Gas import needs in Northwest Europe set to rise significantly

Capacity at the Zeebrugge LNG terminal is highly attractive because gas import needs in Northwest Europe are set to rise significantly. While gas production in The Netherlands and the North Sea is declining, gas demand for power generation will increase to accommodate the phase-out of sizeable coal, lignite and nuclear power generation capacity in the region.

Zeebrugge terminal key LNG gateway into Northwest Europe

The Zeebrugge LNG terminal ticks all the boxes for our LNG customers who are keen to close the forthcoming supply/demand gap in Northwest Europe:

  • Enjoy optimum destination flexibility: direct access to the Belgian market (ZTP) and fully interconnected with the gas systems of all surrounding markets (TTF, Gaspool, NCG, TRF and NBP) and take-away capacity from the terminal is readily available.
  • We operate the Zeebrugge LNG terminal since 1987 with an excellent track record for reliability, service availability and flexibility.
  • Our tariffs are among the most competitive in Northwest Europe.
  • Benefit from our versatility: LNG ships of any type and size can unload or load at the facility, transshipment of LNG between ships is also provided for and the terminal serves as a hub for small-scale LNG (e.g. truckloading) as well.

Make this your opportunity

Keep an eye on our website to participate in the Subscription Window. You will receive more information on the offer and the subscription process soon.

Looking forward to our future collaboration.