L / H capacity switch service

Switch your capacity at the Hilvarenbeek L gas interconnection point to any H gas interconnection point.

Product description

L gas production from The Netherlands' Groningen field is gradually declining, and by 2030 the Netherlands will stop completely exporting L gas. In light of this, we are gradually switching our Belgian L gas network to an H gas network.

Does your portfolio include unbundled L gas entry capacity at Hilvarenbeek?

If so, you can switch the required capacity on a yearly basis to any H gas interconnection point.

How to book this service?

Once a year in May, before the publication of the yearly auction on PRISMA, you can participate in our subscription window.

We determine the maximum capacity you can switch based on the part of the L gas market that has been physically converted since 1 June 2018.

How does the subscription window work?

  • You will receive an email from us with an application form.
  • In this form you need to indicate how much of your unbundled L gas entry capacity at Hilvarenbeek you want to switch to your preferred H gas interconnection point on a yearly basis.
  • Return the completed application form to info.transport@fluxys.com.
  • During the yearly auction on PRISMA, you can book the required capacity at your preferred interconnection point for the respective gas year.
  • We will then replace your existing capacity with your new capacity.
  • You will receive the capacity you booked in the subscription window within seven working days of the end of the yearly auction in July.

This is a free service but you may be charged an auction premium when booking the new capacity on PRISMA.